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Solutions that we provide.

We help enterprises harness the power of decentralized web to increase efficiency, unlock more business values, improve customer experience, develop new business models as well as automation by catering to the specific needs of your business.


Token gating just got real

Bringing the power of blockchain to your real-life events.

With our NFT validator, you can now offer your fans and NFT community exclusive perks and benefits at your store or events with confidence.

Our secure validator system guarantees that:
Every claim made is by a real user, preventing any double spends on your campaigns.
You can rest easy knowing that your rewards and incentives are going to the right people.
You can provide your customers a seamless experience. 
It is easy to use and can be set up quickly - saving you time and hassle!

With our multiple levels of validation, you can choose the level of security that suits your needs, from the simple validator to the most secure method of validation, giving you complete control over your events and campaigns.

Ticketing System

A ticketing revolution

More visibility, greater control, traceable ownership. 

Thanks to the uniqueness of each digital ticket issued on a blockchain, event organizers can verify these digital tickets just like they would traditional tickets and put an end to scalping and ticketing fraud.

Be in control
You have total control and insights during your event cycle and be able to have a view of dashboards that includes statistics and analytics. Only you determine how and when tickets can be (re)sold.
No ticket frauds
With tickets registered on the blockchain, and connected to visitor’s emails, fraud is impossible. Each ticket can also be easily validated with a scan.  
Ease of use
Selling and purchasing tickets is straightforward and seamless. Tickets are API based and instantly airdropped to wallets of the eventgoers.
a NFT ticket being validated

Membership & Loyalty System

Loyalty program built for the future

Commercialize the Web3 experience for your customers.

Each NFT is a unique asset whose value and history are continuously tracked by the chain. These non-fungibles represent ownership of real-world assets or privileges. So, when your customer receives such a token, they also get a unique and valuable gift or opportunity associated with your brand.

Increase the value of your existing customer base 
Easily create membership programs, spin up rewards, and develop tiered point systems
Align incentives between brands and customers 
Track customers across every touchpoint 

What you can do in our membership & loyalty program:

Customizable to your needs
Offer perks to your customers - like discounts, free coffee and more!
Perks are tracked and transformable 
Frictionless customer experience 
Gamified tier-based programs 
Access to unique customer insights


Tamper-proof. Verifiable. Reliable.

Instil trust in your certificates with instant verification and authentication.

Help your learners prove they are worth to the world with reliable, unforgeable, blockchain-powered digital certificates and badges that verify their skills.

Establish authencity
Digital certificates, badges and credentials issued on blockchain are tamper-proof, and can be easily verified by anyone - especially the employers.
Secure & permanent
Certificates, badges and credentials issued permanently exist on blockchain and can be used by learners throughout their lifetime.
Built for sharing
Give your learners’ the flexibility to share certificates without the fear of it being stolen or altered. Let your certificates act as a marketing tool that promotes your business and reputation.
Seamless & instant validation
Reduce your administrative workload in the validation process. Let us do it for you! 
Customizable & easy-to-use
Ability to describe the credentials, their value, and how they meet the needs of learners and employers. Designs and issuance methodology can be fully customized and automated, guarantee to promote ease of issuance and record-keeping. 
Efficient data monitoring & storage
Have the ability to have an overview of all the recipients and monitor key metrics easily, significantly reduces expenses and file storage space.
A representation of soul-bound microcredential

Asset tokenization

Supercharge your customers' experience

Elevate your brand and unlock the next level of perpetual customer engagement.

Turn your customers into a community. Tokenization of physical products enables a whole new avenue of experiences for your customers.

Manage, trade, and track assets with greater security, transparency, and efficiency

High security
As these contracts exist on a blockchain, they are tamper-proof.
Improved visibility and eliminate disputes
All parties involved will get to see it and establish trust. There is a single source of truth.
Reduce administrative load and use of paper
Reduce your operating expenses while saving the environment! 

What can you tokenize?

Real estate
Enable friction-less experience and reduce errors by automating and digitalizing mortgage contracts which connects various parties involved in the transactions.
Smart contracts can be used to record policies, health records, driving records and report of drivers, enabling a more seamless claims process.
Supply chain management
Enable real-time visibility of the entire supply chain process of your business. You can view your products move from the manufacturing plant all the way to the shelves of the stores with just a few clicks.
Store your patients’ information such as when and where treatment was received and medicines prescribed on a blockchain. These information is easily shareable between hospital, pharmaceutical stores and insurance companies.
Financial sector
Smart contracts can be build to facilitate financial reporting process, thus providing accurate and transparent recording of data.

How does it work?

Smart contract is established once all parties signed the contract. A unique QR code is generated and can be used to check the validity of the contract anytime. All the designated parties can use it securely for viewing contracts, revising, and accepting changes.

and more ...

NFT Launchpad

If you are looking to airdrop or sell your NFTs, without needing your customers to pay gas, this is the solution for you.

smart contract development

Design unique customer experiences with additional features directly on the blockchain. We will help you build smart contracts from NFTs to tokens and even take existing paper contracts and share them on a blockchain database.

blockchain consultation

We offer Web3 consultation services to help organizations, businesses and individuals understand and utilize the decentralized web. We help them take advantage of the benefits of the decentralized web and stay ahead of the curve in Web3 technology.

web2 wallet integration

We enable Web2 users to easily access and use dApps on the blockchain without any knowledge of how to setup a wallet. We can help provide a more seamless, user-friendly and secure experience for managing and accessing blockchain assets.

web3 uI/UX Audit & design

We help our clients deliver their vision of a great user experience to investors and customers by developing & designing customer-facing Web3 services.

Server architecture design

To make sure that you get the right service, our experts will take into consideration all of your needs and requirements. By focusing on what is best for you, we can build a reliable, secure and scalable solution for any size of project.

Backend integration

We have the experience and expertise to integrate backend services with your technology. From app development and infrastructure, to mobile app and software integration, we've got you covered.

server lifecycle maintenance

Fast, reliable and easy to manage server lifecycle maintenance for you and your business. Our workforce of experts can help you to keep the machines humming smoothly, keeping your business running at peak performance.